Bob Marley, who doesn’t?

So there I was.  Mindin’ my own business.  When suddenly I felt the urge to dance.  no, not the dancing you see at Junior High Halloween Dance with lots of people pumping their fists in the air and grinding, the kind of dancing you do in your kitchen, making pasta, in your socks, sliding around on the wood floor.

Oh, yeah.  That kind of dancing.

So here’s a little music to blast on your feeble SmartPhone’s speakers while the tomato sauce is heating up and the salad is being tossed.

Foster the People – Houdini.  As per usual with FTP, you have NO idea what their talking about, except when they yell “Sometimes I wanna run away!”

Peaches – The Boys Wanna Be Her.  ‘Cause who DIDN’T want this playing as they walked down the halls first day freshman year?

The Killers – Somebody Told Me.  Who doesn’t like (or know all the words to) this song?

The Vaccines – Norgaard.  I always start jumping like the Easter Bunny on crack when I listen to this song.

Neon Trees – Animal.  Come on! You know you wanna hit BUY on iTunes but your inhibitions are saying WAY TOO POPPY!  DO IT!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Kiss Kiss.  SO good. Please, please, please come to my city so I can wear red leather pants and purple eyeshadow without looking like a lunatic?

So there’s 6 to have stuck in your head for the rest of the week…