Maybe you’ve realized, maybe you haven’t; I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately and have been working hard on my other blog,  Anyhoo, I’m typing up a post right now just in case people actually READ this, and here’s the subject: snow.

I am not one of those people that believes the Internet is a safe and happy place, because while there are some amazing things out there (AHEM), there are some terrible things posted on the web too.  And so I will not give out my location, but I will tell you this: I’m in Canada, and it’s looking like it’s NOT going to be a white Christmas.  Fat flakes don’t fall past my window.  The world is not carpeted in a blanket of white.  Think of all the snow cliches you’ve ever heard; none of them apply here.  I actually ran around outside in my socks and they weren’t even wet by the end; they had GRASS on them.  How depressing.  The only time I’ve seen a true Green Christmas was when I lived in Cali, and I hated it.  The tree looks so wierd against a backdrop of dying trees and the hedges still green.  I’m urtterly depressed.  I’ve tried everything: hot cocoa (with MARSHMALLOWS, people!), wearing a tacky sweater around the house, opening my Christmas pyjamas from under the tree in a mad rage (I’m currently sporting them and they’re starting to smell. Yay.)  The people at the mall probably have me red flagged, because I’ve been spotted singing “White Christmas” clutching a snow globe in Chapters (not really, but I did gaze longingly at the decorations.  I haven’t the heart to put up my own because it just doesn’t feel the same).

Anyways, I’ll shut up now.  Send a message to a power greater than myself and the Weather Channel that there will, in fact, be powder this holiday season.