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When you think of Christmas dinner you think of all fixings: turkey, cranberry sauce, mashes potatoes, and your grandmother’s stuffing you tell all your friends is the best. In fact, every family has a Holy Dish or two, with a secret ingredient passed down from generation to generation. My family holds pride in Granny’s ‘Special’ Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing (I wait all year for that stuff; I’ll never know how she makes them just right, every time).
So you can imagine my disappointment last year when my UNCLE made the stuffing and it tasted like cardboard (sorry, man).
And you can imagine my disappointment THIS year when my stepmother announced we were having ITALIAN FOOD FOR CHRISTMAS.
OK, the rumours are true: the one perk to divorced parents is two Christmases.  And yes, I’m still getting my Granny’s dinner when I go over to my mom’s side of the family.
But, seriously?  ITALIAN?  First, no snow, then, NO CHRISTMAS DINNER?
If I wanted Italian….well, I’d probably have it next weekend.  TRUE Christmas dinner only comes once a year.