Okay, so as I was finishing up my millionth episode of How I Met Your Mother today,  the PVR kept recording it just long enough for me to see the intro to betty White’s new show, Off Their Rockers.  It’s about old people who pull pranks on younger generations, and to be honest, I thought it was HILARIOUS.  Old men riding around  in scooters pranking annoying teenage girls at the mall?  Now that’s just good television.

What I don’t understand is why everybody is in love with Betty White.  I mean, it’s kind of impossible not to be; I admit I find her completely amazing.  But it seems that people don’t celebrate her wit and humour, but the fact that she’s NINETY and she’s  witty and humorous.

Like, “WOW!  She’s THAT OLD and she can stil crack jokes?  What a feat!”

Lemme tell you this, my GRANDMA is just as witty as Betty.  She has such a crass mouth and will say sarcastic and politically observant things out of the blue ALL THE TIME and no one is making masks of her face.

Congrats, Betty, I still love you, and it’s amazing you’ve created such a humorous show.  But I’m celebrating your funniness, not your seeming immortality.